Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Living in the desert we're lucky to have boatable water within a reasonable drive for 8 months of the year,.  The Gunnison Gorge is an hour in one direction, Shoshone is a little more than that in another direction, and Westwater Canyon a similar distance in a third direction.

They all run on dam releases for about the same duration every year.

Shoshone is easiest to access, requires no permit, and is probably the least rewarding--largely because it's wedged in between a railroad and an interstate.

Gunny Gorge is probably the most committing time-wise, because it has a healthy car shuttle and foot shuttle.  But it's also stunning and worth doing just for the scenery, or the fishing, or the camping.

Westwater is a minor PITA to get a permit for, or at least requires that you plan several days/weeks in advance and get lucky with an opening.  The long flatwater access and egress can get a little old if there's a headwind, but otherwise the scenery are worth the work.  And the big water class III features you get to play with in the canyon proper always seem worth the effort of getting there.

6 of us made good use of 5200 cubic feet per second of Colorado River suspended silt running through there on a recent gorgeous weekday.

The pace of the day was such that no shore-shots were taken at all.  All POV, all the time.

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