Monday, December 14, 2015

3 weekends. Or, 'back'.

We often take our health for granted.  Not just the not-being-sick part, but the I-can-choose-to-do-and-am-capable-of-doing-amazing-things part as well.

This summer and fall life gave me a big smackdown that removed my ability to do for several months.

The last three weekends my family and friends have encouraged, enabled, and accompanied me on some baby-step trips to get back out there.  I feel (am) slow, old, fat, incompetent, unconfident, uncoordinated, and lots of other adjectives that you, too, would probably feel if you'd been sidelined for the past few months.

The upshot is that I seem to have hit bottom, bounced intensely, and am now clawing my way back up with the help of the aforementioned (and below pictured) friends and family.

The enforced downtime allowed me to finish several projects that should have been done years ago, build and debug a few new bikes, and start a few projects that I will likely procrastinate finishing for many years to come.  Because that's my prerogative, as the coolier-than-thou kids probably say, and getting out and enjoying your health should take precedent over pretty much everything else.  

Life's too short not to: Ask me how I know.

Please enjoy a few million pixels from the last three weekends of getting out around the Colorado Plateau.


  1. Really nice pics!, hope we get that kind of snow soon here in Finland also!

  2. It's a well-worn cliche that we have nothing without our health, but damned if it isn't at least partly true. There's a real joy in clawing your way back to capable fitness, in some ways a better experience than having consistent good health free from injury. Very happy to hear that you are climbing that joyful staircase.