Monday, December 21, 2015

Back on the horse, the video version.

Fall in the alpine.  Mild days, cold nights, stunning scenery, empty trails.

Compelling as these reasons are, what got us out the door for an overnighter near Crested Butte was some combination of Pete and Jeny both having rare weekdays (before the forecasted snowfall) off, and my neck finally feeling good enough to ride all day, sleep in the dirt, then repeat.

I wrote those words a few months ago, to introduce a photo reportage of a bike trip the three of us had just finished.

I finally found some time to edit and upload the companion video.

One interesting factoid: Pete delicately packed and carried his drone so that he could get some not-possible-from-terra-firma shots of our trip.  In the video above you can see the Flag Creek descent from a unique perspective.  He also flew/shot at the Spring Creek crossing starting the Doctor Park climb.  The next morning in attempting to shoot Jeny and I leaving camp in the honey light of an October dawn, a firmware glitch brought his drone crashing back down.  

When it became obvious that it was now so much dead weight to carry up the many remaining climbs, he stashed it at a campground to be retrieved later.  It has since been repaired and lives to shoot future dronepacking missions.



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  1. Thank you for that great video. That is some beautiful country!