Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fat and high.

Hartman Rocks, near Gunnison, has gotten good snow this winter -- so much that the locals have not only groomed the roads but also 'stomped' some of their classic singletrack down into a rideable state.

A short drive up CO 135 takes you past the Roaring Judy State Fish Hatchery (where on most winter days the avian population is largely devoid of hair) and into Crested Butte.

Jeny and I started with a ride up Kebler Pass, up Splains Gulch, out to Ohio Pass, then looped back down via Kebler.  

Groomed roads are rarely worth writing home about, but given the stupid warm-for-February temps our local trails are nothing but unrideable goop soup.  I'll take a road ride over no ride almost every day.

Jeny, celebrating the way she does.

We reminded ourselves of how long it's been since we were skiers by kicking and gliding a few k's in the heat of afternoon.  Ow.

The next day we wended our way up the Slate River drainage, following the packed tracks of skis, split boards, sleds, snowshoes, rabbits, and foxes as far as Pittsburg.

Warm temps, firm trails, and big views to inspire.

There is something very strange and very desirable about being able to ride this high at this time of year.  As if being in the high mountains is ever anything other than desirable.  

We could have ridden ~85% of this easily on 3" plus tires, courtesy of t-shirt temps and a lack of recent precip.  

Near the mouth of OBJ.  Is this the year for that one?


Thanks for checkin' in.

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