Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fat 'n happy.

5 days and nights of desert travel condensed into 7 minutes.


Still pics and some detail can be found HERE.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. So glad you're feeling good enough to get out and let some of us live vicariously through these great experiences. Thanks. The last deep trip we made was to S. Utah as well, but this kind of deep -- wow.

  2. Hey Jeny, Frank and I watched the video this morning - what a great adventure! Very inspiring! I love the title, too 'Fat 'n happy'. I'm 'Midfat 'n happy'! I love my new bike! How are your ribs??? Diana

  3. I would rather sit on my bike and have it all to myself than share a tandem with a hipster.

    Didn't Thoreau also say that men are now the tools of our tools?
    Still wish I was there to shiver stumble wonder gape and flip a raft upside down with a bike on it.

    JCB aka ODT aka Me.

  4. You guys should lead tours. That was so cool!
    -Dave Ashton

  5. Didn't see a gear list was curious about inflatable boats which ones you used and why.