Monday, August 8, 2016

In the footsteps of giants.

July was busy -- lots of prep for lots of travel.

Back home now -- cleaning gear, building wheels, answering metric tonnes of email, and yes, sorting billions of pixels.

In a few days I'll start recounting an Alaskan coastal traverse between Cordova and Icy Bay, using fatbikes, packrafts, and inspiration from those whom came before.

We traveled roughly 175 miles over 7 days of movement.

It rained inches -- too many to remember, too many for the Yakutat (!!) airport to manage.

I'm no hypocrite -- the numbers are still irrelevant.  I mention them only to provide some context -- a framework if you will -- to understood what we did.  I doubt I can explain why to anyone that doesn't already get it.

Highlights included dense fog on the Copper River and its' delta, massive swells buoying us along on the crossing of Icy Bay, brief moments of sun (or at least not-rain) amidst all the rain, thousands of seals, mirrorlike beaches near Katalla, millions of berries, and the camaraderie developed between friends attempting a challenging and worthy objective.

I'll be back once I've sorted, culled, and uploaded enough pics to start telling the story proper.

Thanks for checking in.

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