Monday, October 31, 2016

Shopping climax.

Pursuant to the last two posts in this space...

I went back out to the Lunch Loop this evening for a little after work spin.  Mondays in the shop are always chaotic, and by the time I can sneak out to ride I'm usually knackered.  That was the case today, and meant that my ambitions were rather limited.  Feeling puny on the initial climbs, I decided to go check on the Shopping Cart Move and do some very fine tuning to my suspension.

I was both happy and unsurprised to see that the ramp hasn't been rebuilt.  I set my camera down and shot some video, lapping it a total of 9 times in about 4 minutes, clearly showing that the move is quite straightforward.  Also, in my opinion, making clear that in no way was the ramp needed for an average rider.  Whether it was justified was never in question.

I was *wrong* in my initial assessment (aka guess) of the height of the drop off the boulder.  In the initial post I estimated 2.5 feet, but verified this evening that it's actually just over 40".  Which makes me wonder even more why someone built a ramp to get up there.  Can't make an 18" up but ok with a 40" off?


The end result of the many laps up there was an acute realization of how far my skills have slipped in the last ~year: note how the last 3 drops off I'm all over the place and clearly tired.  The upshot?  All those laps convinced me to drop one more volume spacer from the fork and, having done that, I'm more motivated than ever to go ride some flowless chunk.

Ping me if you wanna join in...


  1. It is hard to choose between two passions sometimes....

  2. Damn this comment section. That was the fourth time I've tried and inadvertently lost what I typed. Maybe it's just 3am and ok tired and using a phone.

    But after whatcing your video I had to wonder if it was not a skill thing.
    Perhaps the builder was just coming into it way fast and the shopping cart ramp allowed them to better launch the drop off.
    Certainly doesn't change my previous complaints. It's still thievery of the trail without input from others.
    Still one voice speaking for everyone.

    But maybe it's not a skill thing.


    1. You're doing a climbing u-turn as you approach. Just barely getting it straight as you wheelie on. Very hard to build speed beyond what you see in the vid.

  3. I figured as much. Not like much of the HC allows for the carry of significant huck speeds.

  4. too new and green to have credible inputs to this, and the COPMOBA discussion around the changes to Gunny Loop, however, as a new guy to the game, I love the technical/difficult moves at LL. Even for the multitudes that I cannot successful maneuver yet, they are what I'm working to achieve. Every day out there on the bike is child-like joy and the challenge of getting better everyday is exhilarating!

    Personal note, thanks for posting the video! I've watched it several times in slow-mo analyzing your technique in hopes of improving mine. Good stuff!