Friday, March 10, 2017

Grand Quickie.

A few weeks ago I attended the annual Grand Canyon self-support with 8 other likeminded folks.

It'll be weeks until I have a chance to sit down and process photos, and probably longer until I've fully processed the whole trip.

But I wanted to share a teeny, tiny slice of awesome before winter bleeds into spring and my schedule goes apeshit.

First clip is from Tiger Wash.  We all know that the seam monsters can wreak havoc -- and that they often do.  This was the only time on this trip that I got absorbed/swallowed by one.  I had to wait a few seconds until it released me to the surface to roll up.  Getting knocked over by exploding waves is expected.  Getting swallowed by a seam was unnerving.

Next clip is Hance.  This was kind of our wake up call that the big stuff was beginning.  I had wide eyes during this one, and the rest of the group had wide eyes after it!  

Next is following Thor into Lower Tuna.  What leaps out about this clip is that Thor is no longer Timid Thor that I met a few years ago on the Selway and Lochsa. A week at the NZ kayaking school and a year of Colorado creeking have morphed him into a Meat Seeking Missile.  I didn't often have interest in following his lines on the Grand.  This was one where I was glad I did.

Next clip is Lava.  All I can say is that not scouting adds a certain flavor to the in-run, and I highly recommend it.  The run is over so fast (in the POV) that it's hard to imagine what all of the nerves leading up to it accomplish.

And, finally, we have self-immolation practice at 209.  When the trip is rapidly coming to a close and you only have one more chance to plug a hole, you take advantage, right?

Just thought I'd share some stoke on a Friday evening.  The season approacheth!

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  1. Soooo Gooood!! So much bigger water than when we paddled it together with Forrest. Great lines and incredible paddling - particularly so given you guys are doing this as a self-supported rather than a raft-supported trip! Congratulations and can't wait to see and hear about the rest of your trip.