Thursday, March 30, 2017

West Fork Bruneau River.

Wherever the Bruneau sits on your current to-do list, I'd encourage you to bump it up at least a notch.

Gerard Ganey and I ran the W.Fork of the Bruneau into the Bruneau over 2.5 days last weekend.  Ganey had a limited window in which to travel, meaning that even though there was probably too much water in there for our own good, we committed to this amazing canyon system.  

Two ~13 mile days, heavy on scouting and portaging the many manky and sketchy IV+ and V- drops, culminated with a ~50 mile finale down the last bits of the W. Fork and all of the Bruneau in one ~8 hour romp.

Highlights included swimming bull elk, diving peregrine falcons, supersonic F-14 strafings, submerged historic homesteads, and engaging whitewater all within an incised canyon system.

The upper miles were devoid of greenery, the middle reaches featured scant succulents, the lower bits saw grasses and blossoms exploding into spring.

At the high-side-of-good flows that we experienced, I'd not personally commit to the W. Fork again.  But the Bruneau is sublime, and I look forward to future trips there, especially when the Jarbidge has enough water to convey us in.

Thanks for checkin' in.

Late edit: Ganey's vid from the trip.

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  1. Looks like a lotta water for that little river! glad it worked out, and thanks for the invite; please throw another adventure out to me again!