Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A ride, recently: New neighbors.

The local Audubon Society has a variety of owl boxes along the greenbelt that extends NW from my shop.  Starting in late January, every winter, you can spectate the doings of at least one family of great horned's that inhabit a repurposed wicker basket affixed in the crotch of an enormous cottonwood.

Through April the only thing you'll see -- and it remains a subtle sort of thrill -- is an enormous raptor napping neck deep in a laundry basket.  I take interested friends and customers that have arrived during my lunch break down to see her with some regularity.

Things get more engaging in May when the young'ns get big enough to start exploring the world beyond the basket.  

For a ~week they'll perch delicately on the rim and then eventually they get curious and work their way up and out into the branches.  That's where we are now.

Mama clearly gets tired of being crowded in the nest with them, so she flies to a nearby tree to keep tabs from a place with breathing room.

On nights like last, when the day has gotten too long to get a real ride in, spinning down the bike path to check on the owls is a great way to refresh and refocus.

Thanks for checkin' in.


  1. Awesome pics Mike! So great to see nature up close to ones life like that.

  2. Keep your cat inside. There is no more badass predator of the night.


  3. Wait for it:

  4. Nice neighbours!

  5. Oh god... The one day Dad is asked to look after the kid.
    Dad's like... I'll take little nap. Nobody will ever know. Junior is just sitting there doing nothing.

    Then some owl flies by....
    Now Dad's like... How will I explain this?
    Hon- where's Eddie?
    Um... He went night flying.
    Said he'd be back shortly. Took off just a minute before you got home....


  6. How neat to be able to view those great photos. Thanks. LSH