Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I've been working on a campervan for the past ~year.  

It isn't done -- the nature of this beast is such that I doubt it ever will be -- but it's close enough to share some details.

I've compiled a lot of those details -- probably buckets more than anyone but the most diehard hashtagvanlifer will give a rip about -- HERE

 Check it when you have some time to kill.

The above-linked Exposure platform is excellent for sharing stories and incredible for photos, but not so great (that I can discern) for two-way communications.  If you have questions on details that I somehow haven't covered there, please ask them here, in the comments below.

Thanks for checkin' in.


  1. I have van envy Mike. Nice work. :)

  2. Nice job on the van Mike, along with the clear, informative write up. Your approach (install, use, then refine) makes a lot more sense than trying to get everything perfect the first time.

  3. Thanks Mike, I've bought a Promaster as well. Mine will have to convert to work vehicle as well but I like the ideas. Aric

  4. Love it. Nice work, Mike. -Padre

  5. Mike, I've been looking/researching/pondering along a similar vein (daily runner, mobile bike shop business...). Your write up goes a long way and, due to your nature, is profoundly meaningful. I must say it's one of the best I've read regarding this particular vehicle. Thanks!

  6. Mike. Some how I missed this, even though I was one of the first to ask. Thank you! I think I know what my next vehicle will be.

  7. Hey Mike, Did you upgrade the headlights at all? Thanks Aric

    1. i added fog lights and they've made quite a difference. but i haven't yet found a good option for upgrading the main low/high beams, so i haven't yet touched those. have you?

  8. Not yet. I've had some issues with headlights burning out prematurely and have thought about it. I know there seems to be some H7 replacement kits out there and I guess it will just be some internet searching. Thanks for the info on your build again. Aric