Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bedrock. And gravity.

I could bang out 10,000 words right here, right now, and never approach an explanation -- maybe not even give an inkling -- of what is so compelling about those two entities when combined.

Not that I necessarily have to: If you're here you probably already get it.

The truth is that, excepting my wife and ice cream and maybe a puppy, I'm not sure there are any things that make me happier or more fulfilled.

Two of the finest days of my entire year happened in the same week, last week.  Both included those two magic ingredients.  And then, before the weekend had ended, it was punctuated emphatically by a rare celestial event.


Thanks for checkin' in.


  1. Unreal!!! I have seen a number of photos and have watched some pretty cool eclipse videos but your eclipse photo is INCREDIBLE HULK brilliant!! Your blog has been know for amazing photos and story telling but that eclipse shot is award winning. I don't know where you would submit this shot but what a moment in time. Thanx for continuing to capture beauty and for setting the bar higher with every post. Thanx for being you, stay strong, and keep on keeping on.


  2. Cracking shots. Looks like a most excellent trip to inspire us all to max our own.

  3. Mike,
    Agree completely with Padre. Every single picture is incredible. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well (it sure looks like it!).
    Barry C.

  4. I thought I saw a familiar looking red van in town; seeing pictures of the double drop confirmed it. That really is an amazing stretch of water. Terrific shots, all of them!

    1. I thought about leaving that one shot out, just because it's so recognizable.

      Thanks for timing the dregs of runoff to coincide with the apoceclipse. Sorry 'bout all of us outta towners overrunning the joint.

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