Thursday, September 14, 2017

Free Thad.

Alternate working title: "Save Ferrell!"

My friend Thad likes to climb.  From my perspective it is not a stretch to say that climbing and fishing are the things he likes to do, and thinks about doing, the most.  With maybe a little bike riding, smack talking, and coffee and beer drinking along the way.

A few days ago Thad was climbing with friends when a miscommunication occurred.  I haven't heard the fine details yet, I know only that said miscommunication resulted in Thad hitting the deck from 100' up.

Think about that for a moment.

Once you've digested what that means, how it manifests itself in the body of a human, you might realize, as we all have, that Thad is lucky to be alive.  Lucky, but also very broken.

He was flight-for-lifed to a hospital and has been in surgery every day since.  With many more to go.  He is not paralyzed, thankfully.  But he has a long, long road filled with surgeries, infections, and ultimately recovery, before he can truly start to pick up the pieces and get back to being a husband and father.  Right now, Thad needs help from the community.

From us.

Please find your way here as soon as you can, and give as much as you can.


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