Monday, October 30, 2017

Meriwether's deep dive on Brrrrly.

A few years ago I posted a bit of detail about what was then my brand-new flotation bike.

First I gave a bit of an intro on why, and how, and then a little later shared a bit more detail.

Somehow, in the ensuing 2 years of using it for some really cool trips, I neglected to share the frame (and fork, and rack) builder's perspective.  Please find that here, and give yourself a few minutes to read and digest all that Whit has shared.

It has been a fantastic bike.  My only complaint at this point is that I don't get (or choose?) to use it often enough.

Don't hesitate with questions.


  1. When switching between BFat and 26", do you miss/wish for sliding rear dropouts, or is the advantage moot?
    Just 'cause I'm sorta/kinda in this same boat.

    1. Good question Paul. All depends on which tires you plan to run on each. See here for a bit more detail:

  2. Thanks very interesting blog!