Monday, May 7, 2018

A ride, recently: Where "mountain bikers" fear to tread.

I've been singing the praises of this ride for 15+ years.  How beautiful the rock, how gorgeous the big-picture views, how obscenely, absurdly challenging the riding.

Scott, Scott and I rode it on Friday.  10+ hours out on the rock.  Not one other soul encountered at any point.  This despite the fact that you could practically see the dust cloud of the overcrowded trails around Moab from where we were.

From that I can only conclude that "mountain bikers" aren't into this sort of thing.  Which is just boggling to me.

Their loss, on many levels.



As long as I'm able to swing a leg over a bike I will yearn to touch my tires to this rock, and thus to be both humbled and inspired.

Thanks for checkin' in.


  1. Looks like 5 miles of Hell. You have a preferred direction, Mike? Suck it up and do an out and back? 🌝

    1. That is definitely 5 miles of hell. As controversial as some may find them, it's really THE PERFECT E-mtbike trail, pedal assist of course ( no throttle). 5 miles of hell was originally was created as a moto trail. E-bikes are the perfect rig here, way lighter and nimbler than a moto, much more adept for the impossi-near climbs and trick sections. It's a shame theres so much E-hate, but it's understandable. I dislike the idea of E-bike abuse taking over the trails as much as the next guy. While I'm resisting the whole E-bike thing, I'd probably have a hard time turning down the opportunity to ride 5 miles of Hell on one. Just sayin