Saturday, June 30, 2018

Just one ____ hit.

Insert your own superlative into that title.  Big?  Epic?  Psick?  Psweet?!

Every so often I have to/get to get out of my comfort zone.  To learn my limits as a frail human, to be humbled and reminded of my insignificant place in the natural order.

This year that meant attempting an ambitious traverse through the Wrangells with a solid crew piloting bikes and a boat.  Boat, singular.

Just back from said trip, digging out from the pile that accumulated in my absence.  Will be a bit longer before I can dive into the pics and share details and such.

For now, here's one that seems to cover so much of what we went there looking for, and found in so doing.

Big, wild, psick psweet country.  Note two riders on game trail at bottom.  Elevation there is ~5k.  Note 12k' peak in background.  Contemplate everything in between...

Thanks for checkin' in.  Back in a bit.


  1. Ah yes, wilderness **mountain** biking! Looking forward to the report.

  2. Total Photoshop gibberish.
    That's not real.

    Can't be. Nope. I won't believe it until I see more. Much more.
    W/ video including a slow mo drone pan of the area while people dangle their full face helmets off the bars as they push an uphill. Then maybe I'll believe it. Maybe.