Thursday, June 7, 2018

Savor it, will ya?

I get that not everyone is broasting already this summer.  Maybe not even a lotta people.  Ganey pinged me from Anchorage yesterday to tell me that Hatcher Pass was at 800% of average snowpack.

Snowpack?  Snow?!

Our current reality is dry, desiccated, moondusty, and about to become a smoky inferno.  Even more -- much more -- than normal.  

Thus it seemed fitting to share a little trip video that I've been sitting on for just such an occasion.

On said trip I was comfy while riding but cold while sleeping and emphatically chilled while paddling.  Chilled enough to have had some negative thoughts about winter bikeraft missions.

Laughable now, of course, when the temps are 100* warmer.

Anyhoo, even if you aren't broasting in front of an open oven door as we currently are, hopefully you can still savor the difference with me.

Thanks for checkin' in

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