Monday, August 20, 2018

Plle o' POV.

I often use a POV camera when paddling. When I do post-trip write-ups I like to sprinkle some POV in there to give an idea of what the creek/river was like. It's also nice to be able to visually refer back to a certain line or level when sharing beta with others, or for others to use when 'youtube scouting'.

But I don't always do trip reports from every river, so I end up with a pile of unused POV sitting on my hard drives and taking up lots of space.

Today I'm sharing an ever-loving pile of POV in one long cut, largely to get it off of my hard drives.  But also knowing that some of these clips might answer people's questions about what a certain section of river is like at a certain level.  I've included flow guesstimates.

A few of these are from the spring of 2016, but the rest originated in that seemingly unending spring/summer of 2017, when the water ran and ran and ran and didn't seem like it could ever run out. Footage is primarily from Colorado with little bits from Idaho and Utah.


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