Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Some rides, recently: Evolution.

Before work, after work, weekends.  

Stormy days, cloudy days, bluebird.

Mountains, desert, fringes between.

With old friends, new friends, solo.

With a focus on speed only when lightning is close.  Which, since Scott is a few counties away, has been almost not at all.

Camping under stars, in high winds, and in rain.  Savoring all.

Old trails when needed, new trails when possible.  Exploring keeps us interested, engaged, young.

Jeny has strung together some impressive epics this summer.  I've been content to ride a little, gain a high point, then be still and take in what there is to see and learn right there.

Not surprisingly, reflecting on a summer worth of riding tells me that the ones I enjoy most are the intimate ones - where there were a few others to share them with, but not so many that you don't get to converse with and learn something from each.

Here's to the constant evolution that is living a full value life, in whatever way makes the most sense to you.

Thanks for checkin' in.


  1. Amazing Capture Of Wild Flowers, The Jeny Shots Are Brilliant, BUT That Camping Under The Milky Way With The Thunderhead Blowing Up, WoW!!! I Mean WoW!! Always Enjoy Checking In.

    P.S. The Alaska Trip Was Unreal, Thanx For That

  2. Always inspired by your photos and words! Thanks Mike!