Thursday, September 13, 2018

Middle Box.

About a year ago I got to experience one of the more intimate and intimidating places I've yet seen.  It's not far from home as the crow flies, but might as well be levels below Mordor as far as access.

I share this video so that you can get an idea of the place, and be inspired to find and appreciate similar places in your own backyard.  

I won't share any beta on getting there because it is both dangerous and has sensitive access issues.  

Basically what I'm saying is 'you need a local guide' to see it, because even with good intentions you're likely to step on some toes (and that someone is paying attention) getting in or out, and even if you somehow skirted that issue there's still the concern of knowing where the dangerous spots are within the box.  Not intuitive, no place for blundering blindly.

Simply put, find a local guide.  Do not attempt to sort this one out on your own, as *everyone's* access hangs in the balance.

Huge props to those whom originally probed this one, opening it up for those whom came more timidly afterward.

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