Friday, October 26, 2018

Last bit o' Lava.

A few months ago I shared a final trip report compilation from an adventure that happened back in 2011.

Said trip involved 3 good friends, an expansive chunk of wild Alaskan coastline, fatbikes, packrafts, and one massive pile of randomness.

Links to every aspect of the TR and video were shared here:

There's a lot to be read and digested there when you have the time.

One member of the trip -- Brian Blair -- arrived fashionably late to join the rest of us, and had some, uh, interesting experiences in trying to connect with us mid-route.  I've poked him several times to write up something about what he experienced, but he has yet to do it.

I was recently alerted to the fact that he'd done an interview on a podcast, where several of those stories were shared.

Find it here:

Be forewarned that there is lots of tittering and fanboysim at that link, but the stories are worth it regardless.

Thanks for checking in.

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