Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A ride, recently: The last of it.

Not every year do we get so lucky as to know when the season is about to end.  Even if Greg usually starts predicting "Last ride!" daily in late September.

And by "season" I mean dry dirt, often even hero dirt.

Because while we can still ride dirt in the valley, once there is snow on the ground you have to expect ice around some corners, snow on both tires and rocks, and even when you manage to keep your tires clean for a spell, the cool temps and humidity in the air mean that rubber just doesn't stick to rock like it does in warmer months.

So yeah -- we can still ride, but the riding is totally different.

So when the forecast starts to look just so, we start thinking about what our last real dirt ride should be.  This year we opted for one that we don't get out to do much anymore.  No real reason why -- it's just faded a bit for some reason that neither of us could immediately put our finger on.

Having ridden it so recently, it's hard to understand how it fell out of favor.  It's got a little of everything, and not too much of anything.  Maybe it's just the fact that you have to drive to get there?

Dunno.  Probably.  Glad we went though.  Hafta put it back on the docket once the snow is off.

Thanks for checkin' in.


  1. May have missed gotta ask. Where is that ride? Looks beautiful! Ride on!

  2. Beautiful. Just getting into fat bike season in Alaska. Could use more daylight though

  3. Grass seed head photo is a fantastic finish.