Sunday, December 2, 2018

My wife is smarter than I.

Shocker, I know.

On a recent gorgeous fall day she wanted to ride.  Had a specific route in mind, even.  It's a decent ride with OK trail and good views, but because it requires a ~45 minute drive each way I'm rarely excited about it.  Just don't like to drive if I don't need to.

Plus I had a pile of projects to putter on at the shop and in the garage, and I was tired from a few weeks of go-go-go helping with the bike testing.

Ultimately she prevailed on me to join her.  Honey low-angle fall light might have helped with the decision.  The promise of hero dirt too.

At the trailhead and on the initial climb I wasn't enthused.  The noise and stink of texas wheelchairs were the main reasons why.  I'm happy to see other people out enjoying the day, but I feel like I've failed if I end up riding within or even near anything that feels crowded.

At a gate where the trail morphed from wide to skinny the 4-wheeled crowd got squeezed out and I finally began to enjoy the place and the day.

Tacky dirt, diffuse, warm, and high contrast light, my favorite riding partner, my favorite bike, and a more or less empty trail were what we immersed ourselves in that afternoon.

I almost always want to ride, but I've become pernickety on when and where I do.

Fortunately my wife is smarter than I, and understands that once you've stepped past all of your hangups and made it beyond the threshold of the doorway things tend to work themselves out for the better.  

Also fortunately?  She's usually willing to drag me along with.

Thanks for checkin' in.


  1. What trail system was this? Looks familiar.

  2. Your words resonate with me, sir. Our wives can be our best friends to encourage us as they, often, are sensitive to that which tends to "weigh" us down and when that is happening. Though my wife does not, for physical reasons, ride bicycles, she can see when I "need" to and, sometimes, suggests I get out for a ride.