Saturday, January 19, 2019

Persistent email issues. Solved?

About 2 years ago, give or take, my email and website went dark.  Blank.

It took a week+ to get the site back up and running.

It has taken the ensuing ~2 years to get the email woes sorted.  

I think.  I hope.

I'll spare the tech details because, frankly, I don't understand many of them myself.

Suffice it to say, with the help of a tech support woman at my host, I just (maybe 10 minutes ago) discovered 5347 emails that have gone unanswered since about August of 2016.  

These never made it to my inbox -- I haven't (obviously) even read 99% of them yet as of this moment.

Why am I telling you/why should you care?

Quite simply, I'm just really sorry that so many people have reached out and then, after not getting a response, probably assumed I was blowing them off for whatever reason.

That's not the case.  I respond to every email that comes in.

If you've reached out in the past and not gotten a response, I'm sincerely sorry about that.

Please try again: I'm here, and answering email every day -- except when the emails don't land here to begin with.  I hope that we have that sorted now.

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