Monday, January 28, 2019

Testing one, two: Surviving.

I had hoped that this update would include data culled from a few quantitative tests I have in mind to use to compare these tires.

The reality is that we've gotten so much snow in the past few weeks that riding at all has been questionable.  More than 100" of light and dry has fallen in January thus far, with over 30" of that just in the last 5 days.

We did attempt to make it to the specific spot I have in mind for testing and data collection, but simply couldn't get there.  For reference, there was a long track/paddle track sled sitting there that looked like it had just been extricated from a hole of it's own creation.  Deep.

Thus we retreated to one of the few places that gets enough traffic to still be rideable.  No grooming happens in this zone: It's just packed by users, including us.

Our pressures ranged from a maximum of 2.5psi to a minimum of about .6psi.  The latter was mandatory for a few miles of mostly uphill trail on the way out.

Feeling a little sheepish about riding and not "testing" per se, I asked Jeny how she felt about her current J5 tires compared to her old favorites Bud and Lou.  She'd been on Bud/Lou for 3+ years, and wouldn't willingly give them up for anything as of last spring.  Her response: "I don't miss them at all!  These make riding more efficient, with more float, which means I'm working less hard to stay on top."

That's a pretty significant data point from where I sit.  Short months ago she'd have sooner ridden at minus 40 in a bikini than without Bud and Lou by her side.

Forecast is for a few days of sun before the storms return.  Hope to get back out and collect some hard data before then.

Thanks for checkin' in.

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