Monday, March 25, 2019

A ride, recently: PNW.

Several rides, actually, over the course of a week+, and stretching from as far north as Stabler, east to Prineville, and south to K-Falls.

Those rides were interspersed with some fun creeking since -- you know -- PNW in winter.

Being desert dwellers, we never tired of ferns nor moss, even when dripping from the latest round of moisturizing.

We did one completely blown-out moondusty ride near Bend that was fun enough that no one quit early, but man -- those trails were *tired* and badly in need of a break.

The shot below is indicative of the morning temps, even on days like the shot above.

One of us kept doing this (below), so frequently that the other of us became concerned about being consumed by the primordial forest.

Does zero *really* mean zero?

Ganey nailing a sweet line that I failed to recognize until he did it.

A last minute rally out to the Ochocos resulted in maybe the highlight ride of the trip, mere hours before weather shut it down for the winter.

Kosmo damped it down enough that we could sometimes keep him in sight.

The aforementioned primordiality.

Neat flow-ish trail down south.

Layers of gloam near the Breitenbush.

Tom showing us what decades of experience allow one to not only see, but do.

Jeny above the Gorge, before The Nothing took it away.

A single fire was kindled despite camping most nights, largely because only that much dry wood was carted along from Colorado.

A STIL tunnel near Medfid.

Touristing afoot in the Jed Smith redwoods, because it was simply too sodden to desire a ride.

Grass is always greener and all that, but I sometimes wish we lived closer to see more of this country than a once-a-year trip could ever allow.

Thanks for checkin' in.


  1. Mike is a hell of a photographer among all his other skills!

  2. That looks like a great trip. Friendly reminder that firewood should only be carted about 50 miles from its source, and never across state lines. More than a large handful of destructive insects and diseases have been introduced in just this manner, in the very ecosystems you visited. You can look up guidelines for [not] moving firewood on the websites of your favorite land management agency. Let’s keep our favorite places healthy!

    1. More and more I believe our "favorite land management agencies" would prefer that we not leave the house. More and more it seems that more and more of us are doing exactly that.