Wednesday, July 10, 2019

B Fat wheels for your Pugsley.

I wrote this a few years ago, after building an 'experimental' set of 27.5 fat (aka "B Fat") wheels to determine whether they would work in a Surly Pugsley frame and fork:

The offset Pugsley chassis was designed way back when for 26 x 3.8" tires, but Surly being Surly they gave it massive clearance and that forethought has kept the Pugsley relevant all these years.  I offset laced a Bontrager Jackalope B Fat rim to my all-time-favorite DT 350 rear hub, then inflated a Bontrager Hodag 27.5 x 3.8" tire on it.  I was verily shaking when I installed this combo in both frame and fork, so excited was I at the prospect of it fitting.  Even slammed all the way forward in the dropouts there is plenty of clearance in both frame and fork.

I veered away from the Pugsley for a few years while chasing bigger tires and other shiny things.  But off piste bikes don't need the biggest tires available.  Thus far I think 27.5 x 4" is the all-around ideal, but I can also see a need/use for 29 x 3" on certain trips.  And the Pugs can fit those, too.  Bonus that using either of these taller tires raises the bottom bracket -- I always felt that was one of the few weaknesses of this chassis.

Why not 26", you ask?  I still run 26 x 5.2" tires on my over-snow flotation bike.  But for anything firmer than that, B Fat tires are faster and more efficient than anything 26".  Think about why we went to 29" wheels way back when -- efficiency was king.  It still is, and for that and a host of other reasons I now run 27.5 x 4" tires for off-piste missions.

I share that tidbit now because I've been building a fair number of these wheels for customers interested in keeping their Pugs relevant relative to changing wheel and tire standards.

No two wheelsets are ever truly identical, but with some regularity when I'm discussing options for B Fat Pugs wheels we will end up at something similar to the wheels pictured here.  Some of that is because the components are hard to beat from a functionality or durability perspective, and the rest is probably because Surly owners tend to be pragmatic -- eschewing bling and embracing bang for the buck.

I *frequently* receive emails from people looking for something similar to this, but something like this just doesn't exist out there other than custom.  I receive inquisitive emails so often in fact that I've decided to put together a 'package' of sorts.

My B Fat Pugs package looks like this:

I use a Surly Ultra New Disc hub and a DT Swiss 350 rear hub.  Both 135mm QR.  I lace them to a set of Bontrager Jackalope B Fat rims using DT Swiss Competition butted spokes and DT Prolock nips.  All black.

This particular set is shod with Maxxis Minion FBF/FBR's, already set tubeless.

Package pricing for these wheels is $999.  That includes tape, valves, tires, labor, and shipping.

No substitutions at that price.

Also, some bad news: I just got confirmation from Bontrager that these rims have been discontinued.  Thus I just grabbed the last 7 in existence.  No word on if there's a new version coming, or if they're simply gone.

* * * * *

Need something similar, but different?

Sure thing, happy to help.

Please start here, fill in all info as completely as possible, and then make a note in the 'additional info' box that you're after B Fat Pugs wheels.  I'll take it from there.

Thanks for checkin' in.


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