Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Hidden gems: Utah.

Even though we're into July the long winter past still lingers in the alpine.  We savored it a few weeks back but that was when it was still freezing at night.  No longer so: Now it's a slushy mess where it hasn't become outright lakes and bogs.

Down in the valley our trail systems have at last emptied out because the sun is set to broil with scant shade on offer.

Which is why a few days ago we found ourselves exploring a new alpine zone out west in Utah.

We went in search of cool temps and greenery.  We found those and so much more.


Camp that night at 10k' was exquisite, with wide open meadows, water gurgling from everywhere, birdsong filling our heads, and not another human in sight.

Driving out the next day was exquisite in it's own right.

Thanks for checkin' in.

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  1. Absolutely Incredible Photos As Always - Driving Through That Snow " Tunnel " Is Beyond Righteous - Enjoy The Weekend & Travel On