Friday, September 27, 2019

Story time.

I'd like to tell you a story.  It involves people on a trail, moving through mountains.  It's a simple story.

A key component of the story is birdsong.  Not cacophonous like you hear in spring, with each individual shouting to be heard over the others.  More intimate -- it *is* autumn, after all -- such that you can hear the tenor and tone of each voice.  The voices are always there, even when we aren't able to hear them over the wind in our ears.  And especially welcome when we remember to tune back in.

Also important in the telling is the presence - a soft soughing, at most - of the wind.  This morning the world was gellid and seemingly devoid of sound or motion.  Now, mid-afternoon on a sunny mountainside, the breeze is felt as a soft, tender kiss on exposed skin.  Engaging.  Alluring.  Desirable.

Beyond the aural there is the visual in this tale.  Mountains and ridges in every direction.  Broad rivers and intimate streams down in the folds.  Hidden, holding secrets.  The Big Picture.

In the middle distance, beneath our feet, there exists an entire tactile world.  Grasses and trees and roots and slabs.  Soils - both organic and mineral - filthy with insects going about their doings.  They're oblivious to us in most ways, except when our paths intersect: Under our tires, or on the backs of our necks. 

Because this story takes place in the autumn of the year, there is a richness present that can be described in terms of colors and contrasts.  The colors have depth.  Breadth.  They speak of a long, fertile growing season, of abundant moisture and ample sun.  Given the overnight freezes that began just days ago, it is possible to see death and dormancy arriving both in the individuals at our feet and in whole hillsides across the valleys.

It's a simple story, but a compelling one too.  It involves immersion in the real world.  It requires nothing more than your attentiveness.

But this isn't really the place to do it justice.

Ask me about it sometime.  Or, create your own...

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  1. Great writing this time around! Thanks for the inspiration and moment of beauty.