Thursday, October 3, 2019


I don't do it often, but today I'm dredging one up from the archives.  The intent and vibe are unchanged -- get up, get out! -- but we're 5 years older now, and the puppy is gone.

The clip of Doogs rolling in the dirt, trying to absorb fall stink into his very being will always be one of my favorite moving pictures.  Ever.


* * * * *

I am speaking directly to you.

Stop.  Get up.  Look out the nearest window.


Fall is right now upon you.  

Blue skies, warm days, cool nights, the deliciously overpowering stench of decaying organic matter in the woods.

Hadn't noticed?  

Might want to check for a pulse.

Go.  Get out there, rub your own nose in it.

Soon it will be gone.  

Now is the time.