Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A ride recently: Brutally beautiful.

There's a route out west of here that we love to ride.  We don't get there often enough, which makes it feel yet more full-value when we do.

Driving as close as you can get you're still given no hints as to what lies beneath the rim.

Even riding the first ~hour from the jump-off point gives up nothing.  Only when you finally, fully commit to a full day in the canyon system does it begin to reveal itself.

I know of no other place anything like this one.  Not in scenery, nor especially in technical challenge.

I've never seen another mountain bike out there.  I *have* seen a handful of moto's.  Normally these groups will pull up next to us, eyes wide and heads slowly shaking, and ask if we're lost.

We are emphatically not lost!  Despite -- or perhaps because of -- the brutiful nature of the route I'm not sure I've ever felt more at home on the bike. 


  We laugh at one point at how poorly suited a modern long travel bike would be in this terrain.  Slow speed, delicate precision is the name of the game, and the geo of "modern" bikes is all about high speed straight line plowing.

And while bike geo is super important, it's the motor that really matters.  Aaron's power to weight is impressive, and -- coupled with a healthy amount of drive -- it means he handily cleans more moves than Pete or I. 


I've never finished this ride with more than 5 minutes to spare before dark -- nor have I ever had anything left in the tank -- and this episode is no exception.  We pack bikes away, dechamify, then head for Green River to begin our recovery with a burger and root beer at Ray's.

Thanks for checkin' in.

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  1. I so miss the technical wizardry sometimes possible and often required for rocky rides in the SW. Thanks for the inspiration. When will I next be able to road trip for a visit?