Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The power of three.

Three days, three counties, three rides, three sentient beings.

All had snow, ice, wind, and a certain humid chill in common.

All finished with the third sentient being acting as hand warmer when the other two arrived home.

Thanks for checkin' in.

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  1. Great photos as always Mike. I have a question that might be a little off-topic concerning cameras. From everything I have read, you carry and use some serious equipment and it has always amazed me at how you can carry it. Have you ever used and been satisfied with anything smaller than a full blown DSLR? My wife is a serious biology geek, with an emphasis on entomology and spends considerable time in the field in her words "bug hunting". She has captured photos of a species of bumblebee that is not supposed to be in Oklahoma. She is also an artist and has an amazing eye for good photos. Over the years I have bought her a couple different cameras, but she dislikes the bulk of larger cameras and has not been satisfied with the image quality of the various pocket cameras. The last couple years, she has used the camera on her iphone more than anything else. I would still like to get her a real camera, but a little apprehensive of spending more money on something else that will end up not getting used. Since your photography tends to be outdoors in various conditions, I was wondering if you had any recommendations?