Thursday, October 2, 2008

Free (Big) Wheels!

Welllllll... ...sorta.

Definitely free, but only one set, so you better get crackin'.

Go here for the 411.

Midway through the fall color season 'round here and I'm feelin' a little uppity.

Could have something to do with the fact that I've fished three times in the last ~week and haven't caught a thing.

Likewise with pics--I've composed and snapped many autumnesque shots the last ~week and still haven't gotten a keeper.


Guess I'll just have to skip out on work the next few days and try harder...



  1. Hey, Mike, you have some very sweet pics. I notice on this post the camera data shows a Canon Powershot SD900. Is this your main camera or do you also shoot with a DSLR? If so, what flavor?

  2. They're all keepers to me. We've still got plenty of green in the leaves around here. Fall has "fallen" though, my favorite time of year for mountain biking.

  3. Mike,
    Nice shots... I was down near Taos last weekend and the Rio Grande is fishing quite well and there are plenty of leaves left to fall... head down there and you'll be into plenty of keepers...

  4. You could learn alot from your dog. Look at that face of pure satisfaction with only a stick in the mouth to show for it. =)


  5. Nice pics, I always enjoy your posts, keep it up.