Friday, November 28, 2008

3 days in November.

(caution--enormo media dump below...)

And what excellent days they were.

Moobs flew in from the land of cheese and picked up Pissboy en route to Dysfunction Junction. After a short sleep we three loaded up and drove to Moabistan to fetch The Fred.

Though our eventual objective was to camp and ride due east of Hurrikin, we spent the day following The Fred's tracks around on the Bull Canyon trail system.

And some fun, beauteous tracks they were.

Hard to believe these trails have existed for almost two years and this is my first exposure to them.Hope to be back several times the next few months.

We finished our abbreviated loop as darkness fell, then loaded up again and drove. Pissboy and I have known each other since college and it was fun to fall back into the juvenile banter routine as we motored SW through the evening. Moobs and The Fred arrived at the motel about 25 minutes after we did, likely delayed by Moobs' inability to snarf deep fat fried food while exceeding the speed limit.

Up late the next AM we were met in the parking lot by two future Alaskan adventurers.
They ushered us around a singletrack loop that could have taken *much* less time to ride.

What can I say--fast ain't the only way to roll, and we sure had a fun day soaking up the sun, the laughs, the company, and getting some decent still shots and helmet cam footage along the way.

Pissboy on Goulds.

Pissboy on upper JEM.

JEM wash.

Still more JEM. What can I say--it is a fast, fun, floaty and flowy trail, and I thought the helmet-cam perspective might be cool. I don't think I was wrong...

DH on Upper Hurrikin Rim. I fumbled lots trying to get the camera rolling to start this clip, with the result that DH got out ahead and I had to rally to catch him. Once I regained his wheel things slowed down and rolled smoothly for several minutes of mini-chunk.

Pissboy on Hurrikin Rim.

Dinner was white-bread mexican (can't expect much when in Hurrikin...) followed by good conversation and some most excellent jokes from Moobs and Pissboy. Then we drove a bit more to camp atop Gooseberry Mecca. I mean 'Mesa'. Gawd I enjoy riding up there. Depending on your mood it can be fast and flowy, faster and flowier, slow and chunky, super slow and chunky/droppy, or any variation on all of those themes.

Because I've been riding there several times a year for about a decade I've come to know some of the more subtle nuances to the place. And because I've been riding with (read: getting flogged by) Pissboy for about 18 years I couldn't restrain myself from pointing out every little move along the way. 90% of me simply wanted him to see and appreciate the uniqueness of the place so that I wouldn't have to work so hard to convince him to return. The other 10% of me wanted to see him outside of his comfort zone, a place that *I've* gotten very familiar with when riding with him.

I succeeded at both, though early on I may have pushed a bit hard on the 10% part...

He saw most of the moves before I could even point them out, and spent a bit of time considering each of them before acting, or not. The resultant slow pace didn't register at all with Pissypants, but Moobs and his Fredness along with CGR quickly bored of that game and went in search of their own flow.

Left to our own devices, we used 'em. And had a blast.

Mid-day I experienced a JRA mechanical of the oddest variety: a sheared front derailleur.

The irony was that I hadn't used it once all day, nor did I miss it once it was gone.

But Goose is an odd place in the west--where a granny gear is truly superfluous.

Around lunch-thirty the Flow Riders found us while removing my front der,

then we spent the remaining hours before sunset exploring several nooks and crannies along the W and N ends of The Mesa.

Sometimes 'exploring' is done in situ...

Other times it requires slow, deliberate movement.

In the waning moments of direct sunlight we came into a slickrock play area.

Seconds after that we came above a steep roller that requires maximum commitment and always quickens my pulse just looking at it.

Pissboy took a long hard gander, backed up, paused, rolled forward and looked again, muttered something indecipherable, backed up, paused again, then rolled forward again and looked hard. If nothing else I loved that it had him a little gripped.

Ultimately he did what he always does--executed the move as smoothly as though he'd done it many times before.

Same move, different rider, different camera angle.

As the sun set we snarfed road food, packed up, and started motoring our way home for the holiday. Great times gang--I'd jump at the chance to do it all again tomorrow.



  1. OMG! Looks like a great trip! Love the captions and story telling. Thanks to Pete for sharing this.

  2. So great. Alot of work. Thanks Mike. I share your granny gear sentiment. See this from I think 2003. El Chingon narrates and shoots from an old digicam. It's me on the same climb at Goose, our first trip there...I didn't fare as well as you did on the climb. =)


  3. holy $hit balls...
    not only super sweet trails but the who's - who of the clan...even the elusive Basinger in there... humm very interesting.
    that Vio footage is fantastic. I might have to invest in some marketing as well...
    The desert now calls, thanks allot.