Monday, January 5, 2009

AZ: The third day.

For our third day of riding Scott suggested climbing pave' up Mount Lemmon, then descending from either Green Mountain trailhead or Bugs Springs, with snow being the deciding factor between the two. 3k of ascent on pavement isn't easy, but the mellow grade and friendly temps made it pass fast and we found ourselves at Bugs trailhead fixing my ailing crankset. Once the wrenches were put away we noticed small bits of snow all around the parking lot and took the decision to leave Green for another day.

Climbing the scar on Bugs was a painful few minutes. Maxed out immediately and then it only got steeper and stayed there. After my second dab I walked a short stretch, cursing myself for the fit of laziness that had conspired to keep me from installing a 36t cog on this bike pre-trip. The laziness was actually rooted in the 5*f temps in my shop all week leading up to the trip. At that temp non-essential projects can be delayed almost indefinitely, especially if they involve bare hands and metal tools/parts. Could I have cleaned The Scar on Bugs with that 36t? Of course... (!)

Once topped out we caught our breath, fiddled a bit with bikes, and savored the view. Then I pressed 'record' on the helmut cam and down, down, down we went. As a result, no stills worth sharing (though Scott got a few). And the footage below? All from my on-the-bike perspective following Scott. The editing, "music", and captions were his doing, and he may still be cursing because that takes a lotta time to do. Clearly he spent so much time on the editing that no time was left for the music selection, and he let the computer choose it randomly. At least that's what I tell myself...

Another fantastic day on the bike. One day left in this trip: Goat Camp.



  1. I have to ask:

    What is your normal gearing setup if a 36t is what was called for?

    Are you some sort of superman, or do you just know something that I don't?

  2. Ryan - he's referring to a 36T cog, not chainring...

    MC - that music sounded just like an episode of Knight Rider....

  3. I'm still laughing. The choice of tuneage was worth it just to hear your reactions.

    In a sense it *was* randomly selected. While watching some of the footage that one came up randomly on winamp and it seemed to fit, so I threw it in.

    Can't believe you can't handle a little psych-rock. Next time I'll try some Ministry or Master of Puppets. (!)

  4. I have to admit to almost liking the soundtrack.

    The trails look awesome.

    Just another "one day soon" to add to the list....

  5. Haha. Funny plug at the music ... I like Porcupine Tree, generally, although that's not one of their better tracks.

    The video is awesome, though. Love the scenery. Some of the technical stuff looks really tough!