Monday, January 19, 2009


Several weeks of snow and cold followed by a g-narly inversion finally faded into high pressure just yesterday. Dreamboat suggested a snow ride atop the Mesa and his timing was serendipitous: We arrived to find clear skies, warm temps, and hardpacked trails devoid of those whose footsteps had condensed them.

Fine by us.

Although we'd discussed riding a different set of trails on the drive up, it hit me like a ton of bricks that the past ~week worth of weather would have left West Bench in perfect-for-pedaling condition.

Fang thought it was a peachy way to spend a day.

We both had plenty of work calling to us back in the valley so it was a quick yet somehow leisurely ride. Seemed somehow ideal that as we hit the end of our allotted time the trail was getting pretty punchy anyway...

We hightailed it back out as the holiday crowds came streaming in.

Regardless of bike, skis, snowshoes, or just plain feet, if you get the chance to get up there sometime this week DO IT. It isn't gonna get much more friendly than it is right now.




  1. Aaah, back to some regular photos, great looking ride there.


  2. The wolf looks ashamed of his "shoes".