Monday, January 5, 2009

Fang redux.

Regular readers of this space will remember the post about "Fang" from a few months back. Fang is our dog/wolf shape-shifter pet: At home he's mild mannered and sweet, but take him into the woods or the mountains and he's a hunter through and through.

At least in his own mind.

Take Fang out this time of year and he becomes someone 'else' entirely. Haven't quite managed to come up with a name for him in this 'mode' just yet, but we're taking suggestions.

Months ago I pointed out that Fang loves to fish, and that's as true now as ever. About the only thing he really likes to do more than fish is to ski. Yeah, I know, dogs can't ski. Call it what you want but he sure ain't running.

The last two clips in the vid make it pretty clear that, unlike me, he *really* enjoys himself even when the snow isn't bottomless.




  1. Hahahaha...nice. Thanks for posting, KP.

  2. hilarious video, my dog will go out and lay down if it is snowing, and let herself get covered. It is an impressive sight to see a 100lb german shepherd emerge from a few inches of snow.

  3. had the whole family standing around the computer to watch this one. great as usual mc.

  4. That is hilarious and I made a fool of myself here in the ski lodge laughing out loud. Thanks.....

  5. This cracked me up. Looks more like sledding (without the sled) than skiing -- call it what you will, but that is one happy dog!

  6. Great video, it kind of looks like what otters do. I think Fang's name is Robert when on the slopes. That way you could call it "Bobsledding"
    ...... Sorry, I couldn't resist:)

    Dave K

  7. *LOL* wheeeeeeee.eeee.eee, thanks for sharing...hilarious. Send it in the AFV!

  8. That is hilarious. My 6 and 4 year old especially loved it. Fang has much more energy than our two dogs combined.