Saturday, March 7, 2009


'Mr. Smiley 2' picture by Eric Parsons

I just got an email (!) from Mike. He spent the night at the Rainy Pass Lodge with Sharon and Dick and Bill Merchant (race director and trail breaker this year).

He's heading up the trail as I write this, and said all is well except for raw ankles and bad socks. "Duct tape and super glue are holding them together for a few hours at a time--hopefully that'll keep working."

Sounds none too pleasant. Perhaps a product of the warm/wet conditions? He says the trails are slow, but I think he's been more disappointed with the lack of clear weather for picture taking.

He will try to call from McGrath, so this suggests he's still planning on riding beyond. No word on how much food and fuel he is still carrying.

I'll be watching the SPOT today, willing it over the Alaska Range.

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