Sunday, March 8, 2009


Here's a video of Mike at the start of his trip. Special thanks once again to Eric of Epic Designs. Some nice angles and shots in there.

Mike is rolling again after yesterday's push/pull over Rainy Pass. Speeds are definitely up, as shown on the tracker. The new version of the TopoFusion tracker adds a speed plot like the one shown below.

Speed is higher, but numerous zero values indicate he was stopping a fair amount (for him, anyway). Could be his feet/ankles bothering him or perhaps he's just setting up some photos. Hopefully the latter.

Mike passed the informal Iditarod checkpoint of Rohn today. It's reportedly getting busy as the dog race ramps up. For sure Mike has started bumping into the tail end of the ITI racers (mostly on foot, but perhaps a few bikers too).

The new version of the tracker also shows little tent icons where Mike stopped each night. Kinda fun to look at his progress in terms of days. Right now his stop at Shell Lake also shows as a tent, though, since it was longer than 4 hours.

I'm developing this tracker both for Mike's trip and for future use in other events. I'll be testing it in this year's AZT 300.

Tomorrow it's on to the Farewell burn.

I leave you with Mike's eloquent prose on today's trail, written last year:

A friend and fellow racer refers to trail/situation-induced highs as 'white moments' and in the fleeting alpine light of the ensuing afternoon they flowed freely. These moments are, to me, so priceless and so rare that it's difficult to find words for them and photos do nothing to bring them back. They merely get enjoyed in situ and then you move on, glowing. Glowing is the most appropriate word I can think of, now, to describe the way I felt as I passed through Rohn, traversed the South Fork of the Kuskokwim, then worked out past the Post River and Egypt Mountain before bivying on one of the Farewell Lakes. I have no recollection of time passing, nor of energy expenditure or caloric intake, they all coalesce into one fluid moment that lasted for hours, the recollection of which brings out goosebumps and a certain detached/glazed expression punctuated by a vacuous grin.

Just priceless.

Timing is very close today. Perhaps frame of mind, too.

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