Sunday, April 26, 2009

A spectacle of gluttony.

If loving the rock is wrong...

...I don't wanna be right!

The past week has been a gluttonous rock riding extravaganza. After a winter mostly devoid of rock, followed by a week+ on snow in AK, getting back to local rock riding has been sublime.

And then it got even better, with a day trip to Moab and a three-dayer down to SW Utah.

The story revolving around all of this would really only be interesting to those that participated. And even then, there really isn't much to tell--just a handful of guys having a blast riding bikes. To share it in words seems, to me, a bit too mundane.

But the pics...

...I think those are worth sharing.

Tom cleaning one of those lines that seem to only make sense to him:

Doc testing gravity for sudden squalls:

Must have looked like a fun line for Tom to want to try it too.

Doc airing one out that no one else wanted anything to do with.

Grumpy digging for the withwhich needed to mend a broken chain:

"There comes a time when you gotta use 'em or cut 'em off".

High on the Gold Bar rim, but even higher on life.

Enjoying some of the many legal (illegal?) alternate lines.

Creative trail routing had us all atwitter as we followed the many twists, turns, ducks, and dives.

A string of flats and minor mechanicals gave us even more opportunity to 'splore.

On a normal day Doc's gas is exemplary. But on this day (and those that followed) it was beyond belief. Here's visual proof:

Sky. Rock. Sun. Bikes. Friends. What could be better?

Just because it looks impossible for us mere mortals doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

Classic Fritz: Wall ride to mandatory downhill-pointed manual.

Never to be outdone, Doc scoped and executed this STIL gap drop.

Fun chunk descending into the Portal.

A brilliant loop on a gorgeous day with great friends. Again I ask: What could be better?

Well--the next few days, actually. Stay tuned...



  1. you have the best photography on your site....great stuff. thanks for sharing.

  2. Good'ns.

    Doc's 'STIL gap drop' looks like a bent/destroyed/taco'd rear wheel to me, no matter how I look at it. Good one.