Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gracias mis amigos.

Hugemongous thanks to all of you that took the time and spent the money to place a vote. To simply have been in contention with some of the most successful and luminous athletes in the sport will have to be enough for me.

Meanwhile, life goes on, above and below.

Hope all y'all have been getting out in it.



  1. "Mis" amigos.... it is plural querido amigo ;)

    Good pictures nonetheless... Keep living the dream, ride hard.

    Te extrano...
    tu maestro de espanol

  2. Looks like your pup has turned into quite the fishing pro!

    Congrats on being nominated - your knowledge shows through in your work: my wheels are working out perfectly.

  3. My dog is so jealous of your dog.... Good to see you are doing well and not "working too hard"...

  4. There is always next year!

    That pic of Doogs with his catch of the day slays me. He is ready for the King run on the Nushagak for sure. A prime example of how persistence pays off (see opening statement).

    One thing for sure AC has nothing on your blog and writing in general, your mad photog skills and chunkering and ability to hunker down on your bike. She had her day but what has she done lately? Well besides getting inducted that is but you know how I feel about that.