Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seize the 'snake.

Headed north, I stopped in to visit D and M in Missoula. The original plan had been for D and I to do a bikepacking overnighter in the Sapphires, but a busy first week back to school for him and a busy, period, week for me had us rethinking that. Good thing we did--we were both significantly shy of the energy and motivation needed to pull it off.

Instead we laid low, strolled through the Missou farmers market (holy huckleberries, Batman!) ate piles of gourmet food, and managed a several-hour-long ride out in 'The Rattlesnake' rec area north of town.

A few floral stragglers hung tough, despite increasing evidence that summer is gone.

Fun, fast, flowy trails. Nice views out over the valley.

And when it was done, D followed his nose to Big Dipper where we indulged in some fresh homemade.

Hard to beat finishing a ride with ice cream, then rolling back to the casa for homemade pizza with fresh local veggies and a lotta chutzpah rolled into it by M.

Did I mention the apple tartlets M made for dessert #2?


More later.


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