Sunday, October 18, 2009

I are not a delinquent.

Sometime in August the summer got away from me. So many projects got started in the previous months, ALL with the intent to finish each before moving on.

But then they all started to come together at once, at the busiest (wheelbuildingly) time of year.

Finish a project? In summer??

Pffft--fat chance.

Each individual project gained its own momentum, joining with the others and morphing into a blurred landslide, then an uncontrolled avalanche that carried me straight through...


Wait--when was that?!

Now that winter looms wheel business has slacked off ever so slightly, which gives me about an hour at the end of each night to catch up on other stuff. Like those projects...

I still have pages and pages of reports to write on each individual component that made up the groundbreaking LenzSport PBJ downhill bike. The words-can't-do-it-justice sweetness of the Manitou Dorado, the 4-years-in-the-making burly grippiness of the WTB Dissent, the why-didn't-*I*-think-of-that crazy sensibility of the dishless DT 440 freak hub, and the inexplicable nimbleplush brilliance of the PBJ frame itself.

Each individual part is pretty sweetious, but the whole, dear god the whole is so much greater than the sum...

At any rate--those reports are coming, honest!

Meanwhile, everyone knows that ~4 minutes of video makes up for tens of thousands of words. Perhaps hundreds of thousands of *my* words.

So here's some vid of me riding the PBJ, shot by Skippy "C3" Wixom.

I'm indebted to him for not only planting the seed that got us to BC in the first place, but for all of the encouragement, patience, coaching, pushing, pulling, and laughs along the way.

Many more words and much more vid to come in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned,


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  1. All I want to know is- Why are you wearing an argyle sweater vest?