Monday, October 26, 2009

Mo' Whizzler ack-she-own.

A little over a month ago Skip-a-rific Wixom and I spent a few days riding in BC. I posted the first clip of helmet cam vid a few days ago HERE.

Skippy distilled his own version of our collective helmet/still/handheld video down into this:

Some of it is him leading, some of it is me. With very few exceptions, if the rider out front has a pack on, it's him on a Rocky Flatline Park. No pack? Me on the Lenz PBJ.

Makes me wanna get back up there PDQ, snow be damned...



  1. Damn. Some intimidating terrain.

  2. Great blog.

    That video makes me nervous just watching it. Would love to get into some serious mountain biking like this.