Sunday, November 29, 2009


Fall continues her glorious fade here in the desert, and we continue to get out amongst it.

Legs are fried, shoulders sore, hands are beat. But we never tire of tacky dirt and sweetious golden light, so each precious day between now and snow will be savored.

Often the savoring looks, feels, and smells *just* like this.

(Yep, you can click the 'VIMEO' link at the bottom right of the box to watch it in HD. Much crisper that way.)

Thanks for checkin' in--we're doin' just fine thankyouverymuch!



  1. Wow, what amazing terrain to ride in. Almost the polar opposite of my local trails! Thanks for making the vid, it was a nice little pre-work stoke to wake up to in the morn!

  2. Sweet video - makes me want to bring my dog and video camera on my adventures.
    Peace, Love, and Happy Monkeys

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