Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Some (barely!) moving pixels from the last trip Skippy and I took down to SW Utah.

The trail is Guacamole, located near Rockville. Zion NP wraps wide-screen around you as you ride. We knew the trail was short so we spent lots of time 'sessioning' some freshly imagineered moves throughout the day.

We're both riding 6" travel LenzSport LunchBoxes. Skippy has a fondness for Bontrager FR-3 tires while you'll have to pry the WTB Dissents from my cold, dead fingers.

All pixels captured with a Canon SX200IS. No doubt you'll notice that the lens is badly scratched. When *I* finally noticed this I retired the camera.

Which, of course, means new camera time!




  1. Did you actually go anywhere on that "ride"?

  2. Nice video. I love fooling around on the rocks up on that point. That slow mo crash at the end looked painful. Hope it wasn't.