Friday, March 5, 2010


I added Mike's 2008 split times to the bottom of the table on the main iditarod tracking page:

The numbers don't lie -- things are a lot slower out there than 2008. That year was his most successful trip, when he made it to Unalakleet, about 3/4ths of the way to Nome. Granted, his first few days in 2008 were relatively fast, with good conditions, but it looks like his Rohn split will be over a day slower, and he's only five days in.

That's a pretty significant slow down. And yet he's still moving... even right now as I type this (9pm Alaska time). You have to admire the tenacity.

The climb over the Alaska range and into the gorge are often full of bike pushing for Mike, but he doesn't seem to mind. Just being out on the trail and in the big mountains seems like more than enough. I'll wager a guess that he's had a rough moment or two, with all the hike-a-bike, post-holing and whatever other hardships he's endured.

The good thing is that he's always got his "happy glasses":

That video is just too classic not to share. He shot that video in 2008, on the same "day" as today -- having made it over the pass and heading down into the gorge.

--Scott Morris