Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Perception. Reality?

To call this time of year in this corner of the world 'heaven on earth' is to toss out a cliche that few whom haven't been here can grasp.

Just about perfect temps, humidity, and soil moisture content. A little too much work and a bit too much post-AK brooding, both of which serve to point up just how good it really is here, now.

I still feel as though moving underwater whether it's walking to the grocery, pedaling a bike, or replying to the heaps of wheel-related emails every day. I owe a debt of gratitude to all that have been patient with me in each of the above scenarios. And to those that haven't?


But then a part of me wonders if I'm not just dragging this whole recovery/re-entry thing out? You know--perception is reality and all that? Riding slower because I prefer to, not because I need to? Taking my time on walks to the grocery or post office and smelling the lilacs and cherry blossoms along the way? And the emails? I can only type so fast with three fingers (the others must be resting...) so...

All I need to do to disprove that theory is attempt to speed up (riding, walking, *thinking*) for all of 3 seconds, and both mind and body revert (revolt?) to a sort of tunnel vision. Everything *immediately* slows down, except the things that start to hurt, and those speed up.

So much for perception.

At any rate, I've been enjoying the daylights outta "just being outside" the last few weeks. Soft breezes, warm light, lots of laughs with friends. 5 minutes of proof right here:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> click "Vimeo" and watch it in HD and full screen ^^^

Life is good here, now. Change, recovery, re-entry--they'll all happen at their own pace. Might as well just roll with it.

Ya think?



  1. Thanks for sharing the montage video Mike... very, very nice indeed.

  2. Man it was great seeing you come into Nome and getting a chance to chat. Incredible what you did! Am relating to your recovery process. I sure hope you won't be a stranger and come back... try for summer sometime, lots of unexplored riding places.


  3. That's a sweet looking re-entry. thanks for sharing!