Friday, May 14, 2010

The height of spring.

Spring continues her slow-speed steamroll right over the top of us. Most flowers are blooming and some trees are fruiting, yet temps have hardly felt springlike and we're halfway to June. Wonder if that means the snow might stop coming soon?!

Sure don't mean to sound like I'm complaining. I've been enjoying the heck outta our unseasonably cool temps, as have a few of my local compatriots. Hard to believe <-that vid was shot (mostly) in the same county, and on the same weekend, as the one below.

So be it. Relish what presents itself, I always say.

Without further ado, a few million pixels from the last ~week outside.

Good weekend.



  1. Mike,

    Where is the trail you mainly show in the video? (The grey singletrack on the overcast day).

    I'm somewhat familiar with the GJ/F area and would love to ride it.

    Great video as always!

  2. Bingo-bango, that's the stuff to brighten a cubicle day.

    It has snowed everyday this week with more expected tonight...mid-May..?

    Thanks for the stoke!


  3. "L" must have been very upset with you for you to have to do an entire tribute video of her to get back in her good graces. Tell me how it works.

  4. Beautiful vid! How in the hell did you do that?


    Drove out from Cali on Sunday....Moab Monday afternoon-Tues... rode some of the Fruita loops on Wed-Thurs and then ran into Bill and Kahti at Thunder mountain on Friday the 14th!

    Bill is a total trip and Kahti..yikes! what a BEAUTY on a mountain bike! And was that your 'better half' in front?...she was railin' fast and smooth too!

    I'm starting to think the MTB world is not that big..?

    Back at work hoo!


    Life in the springtime is a whirlwind.


  5. so dat's why Kathi bought a 5" bike...