Monday, August 30, 2010

Like a lightbulb going on over my head...

My current obsession with long travel bikes has a mile-wide grin plastered on my face this week. Thanks to Devin Lenz, Brandon Schmitt, and Skippy Wixom for pushing me harder and faster than I'd previously gone before. Which, of course, means that now the bar has been raised, the comfort zone has ben enlarged, and next week will be harder and faster still.


All 4 of us were (are!) riding LenzSport PBJ 29" park bikes. Devin and Brandon are on Manitou Dorado 29 forks. Skippy and I are both on White Brothers Groove 200's. All of us are riding wheels that I've laced using DT 440 hubs, Sun MTX 33 rims, butted DT spokes and Prolock alloy nipples. All four of us are riding the WTB Dissent treads in 29 x 2.5".

Put simply, these bikes just flat rip. The best way to explain it is that they are built for the riding you don't know how to do *yet*, but are willing to learn.

'nuff with the verbiage.

If that doesn't make you wanna ride, you might wanna check for a pulse!




  1. You are definitely improving. The difference is noticeable the few times someone was following you with the camera.

    Jumping from one hump to the other on the camel back? Ha!

    Glad to see they built a ramp on that move near the very bottom that stung both of us when we were there. Makes me feel a little less retarded...

    Good stuff. Knowing the lines makes it a lot more engaging to watch the videos (and makes it clear how much smoother/higher/better you guys are getting), but I'm sure the whistler videos will be cool too.

  2. WP on friday if you're interested....